NightLights Screensaver

NightLights Screensaver 3.1.4

Soothing soft night lights screensaver


  • Soothing effect
  • Configuration options


  • Requires registration to add more colors

Not bad

Screensavers with a light theme are popular because of their alluring and sometimes spectacular effects.

NightLights Screensaver takes a gentler approach to things by bringing a soothing, moody atmosphere to the Mac. NightLights Screensaver features an attractive red. green and blue light display, which the developer recommends as not only a screensaver but a suitable accompaniment for Christmas, New Year or Birthdays. If you register, you can add more colors the display. You have a limited amount of control over configuration, including settings for size and number of blinking lights.

It's nothing spectacular but NightLights Screensaver provides a soothing backdrop for those looking for a soft mood.

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NightLights Screensaver


NightLights Screensaver 3.1.4

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